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          2019 Fall Sports Awards Night

          Congratulations to the following student-athletes who were recognized at the 2019 Fall Sports Awards:
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          Boys’ Cross Country   
          Iron Will Award- Liam Friberg ’22
          The “Rock” Award- Elijah Howe ’20

          Field Hockey 
          Coaches Award-Kaylee Emery ’20
          Coach’s Award- Sarah Foster ’20

          Mountain Biking 
          Raider Award- Luke Reinbach ’21

          Boys’ Soccer 
          Raider Award- James Littlefield ’20
          Raider Award-Caden Daigle ’20

          Girls’ Soccer 
          Raider Award- Lucy Hodgman-Burns ’21
          Raider Award- Hannah Moore ’20

          Raider Award-Eddie Thurston ’21
          Raider Award-Eli Mahan ’21

          Raider Award-Jack Watson ’20
          Raider Award-Connor Delaney ’20

          Girls’ Cross Country 
          Iron Will Award- Alanna Nataluk ’22
          The ‘Rock” Award-Merys Carty ’20

          Head of School Athletic Achievement Award: 

          Abigail Hewes ’20

          All-Academic Seniors:

          This honor is reserved for seniors with a 3.2 GPA at this point in their high school careers.  In addition, they have at least 4 semesters at FA to be considered.  

          Ryan Duffy-Field Hockey 
          Kaylee Emery-Field Hockey
          Katie Flynn-Field Hockey
          Sarah Foster -Field Hockey
          Abigail Hewes-Field Hockey
          Bridget O’Neil-Field Hockey
          Kirsten Wentworth-Field Hockey
          William Fitzgerald-Golf
          Josh Mattie-Golf
          Jack Watson-Golf
          Ethan Bain-Soccer
          Caden Daigle-Soccer
          Matt Guenther-Soccer
          Kyle Mercier-Soccer
          Ethan Burke-Football
          Jack Campbell-Football
          Gary Gao-Football
          Dawson Jones-Football
          Calvin Southwick-Football
          Charlie Stokes-Football
          Merys Carty-XC
          Julianna Stanton-XC
          Ethan Reinbach-XC
          Audra Hamlin-Soccer
          Sophie Kummer-Soccer
          Madi McIntrye-Soccer

          All-Conference Selections: 

          Jacob Adams-Boys’ Soccer, 2nd team
          Luna Barrionuevo-Girls’ Soccer, 1st Team
          Jack Campbell-Campbell Conference Football, 1st Team
          Merys Carty-Cross Country, 2nd Team
          Caden Daigle-Boys’ Soccer All-Conference Honorable Mention
          Kate Flynn-Field Hockey, 2nd Team 
          Morgan Fusco-Girls’ Soccer, 1st Team 
          Abigail Hewes-Field Hockey, 1st Team 
          Lucy Hodgman-Burns-Girls’ Soccer Honorable Mention 
          Camden Jones-Field Hockey, 2nd Team
          Dawson Jones-Football Campbell Conference Honorable Mention
          Bobby LeBlanc-Boys’ Soccer Honorable Mention 
          Eli Mahan- Football Campbell Conference,1st Team
          Madi McIntyre-Girls’ Soccer Honorable Mention 
          Bridget O’Neil-Field Hockey, 1st Team 
          Alanna Nataluk-Cross Country, 1st Team 
          Calvin Southwick-Football Campbell Conference, 1st Team
          Charlie Stokes- Football Campbell Conference Honorable Mention
          Nora Zhai-Golf, 1st Team 

          Special Awards:

          The Linda Whitney Outstanding Player Award - Abigail Hewes ’20

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          This Linda Whitney Award is given to the top Class A/B field hockey player in the Western Maine Conference. It is selected by a vote of the league coaches at their postseason meeting after much discussion around each nominee.  The award recognizes the most consistently skilled and hard-working player who still demonstrates that same level of sportsmanship that many values in Coach Whitney.  

          Booster Fans of the Season Award:

          School Spirit Award-Madi McIntyre ’20

          Athletes who placed in their State Championships:

          Alanna Nataluk ‘22 placed 5th place finish in the State Championships and at States she placed 6th overall; she was the top sophomore in Southern Maine Championship and the Class B State Championships.

          Abigail Hewes ’20 selected to the Class B All-State and will play this summer in the Moe McNally All-State Game for field hockey.

          Luna Barrionuevo ’21 named to the Maine Soccer Coaches Class B South All- Regional Team.  She is one of 11 players within all the southern Maine soccer schools to be selected.  

          Nora Zhai ’22 placed 5th in Southern Maine Women’s Golf Qualifier and placed 5th at the State Championships, which qualified her to play in the New England Womens’ Championship in June as a part of Team Maine.

          The football team won The Pleasant Mountain Cup against Lake Region High School--a tradition that began in 1994. 

          The girls’ soccer team earned the Girls Soccer Class B South Sportsmanship Award.

          Girls’ field hockey earned the Class B Southern Maine Runner-Up Plaque with a 9-4-1 record.

          Three-star jackets awarded to athletes who have earned their 3rd varsity letter:

          Luna Barrionuevo
          Samantha Caras
          Hope Duffy
          Khianna Frank
          Amanda Howe
          Maddie Lavetu-Foreman
          Phinneus Lucy
          Hannah Moore
          Alanna Nataluk
          Eddie Plessinger
          Eden Richardson
          Luke reinbach
          Gabe Rogers
          Elio Terricabras 
          Jack Watson

          Head of School Award 

          -Abigail Hewes' 20

          This award is given to the student-athlete with four years of spectacular success on the athletic field and demonstrates tremendous citizenship and sportsmanship in the process, he or she may be awarded a career achievement award. The award is reserved for the highest achievers who succeed consistently at the state level.

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